My New Book—Ice Cream: A Global History

Passover: Chozen Ice Cream-A Lighter Finish to that Heavy Seder Meal

Photo: Laura B. Weiss
Chozen Ice Cream, concocted by three New York women, with names and ingredients that tap into the shtetl/Jewish culinary tradition—from Matzoh Crunch to the newest flavor, Apples and Honey, is a great finish to your Seder meal. Let’s face it, Haroseth, pot roast and matzoh ball soup (hopefully, of the non-cannonball variety), [...]

Rosh Hashanah Recipe: Saffron and Honey Cake

Chef Renee Marton offers up this honey cake enriched with saffron for the Jewish New Year.
From the land of milk and honey…
I contributed this recipe to a book called The Good Book Cookbook- Recipes from Biblical Times, by Goodman, Marcus and Woolhandler, (Dodd, Mead,  1986). I’ve re-written the recipe to [...]

Vermont: Leaves and Happy Chickens

My hubby was dying to see the autumn foliage. Since I have a brother to visit in the Green Mountain State, we figured we’d pop up to Vermont and do the leaf peeper thing. What we didn’t count on was 85 degree weather. It’s been so warm here that the leaves barely sport even a [...]