My New Book—Ice Cream: A Global History

Upper West Side: Truffle Store Comes to the Neighborhood

Truffles?  What ever happened to lox as the delicacy of choice on the Upper West Side?
The neighborhood is going ever more upscale with the opening of Urbani Truffles on West End Avenue at 60th Street. The shop is slated to open sometime in September, says  Vittorio Giordano, Urbani’s VP.
Truffles, of course, come from the Piedmont [...]

Italian Deli: Top Italian Deli Purveyors from DiPalo’s and Coluccio & Sons Swap Stories

Toni Lydecker
Guest columnist, Toni Lydecker, author of Seafood alla Siciliana: Recipes and Stories from a Living Tradition, reported on a recent event in which two of New York’s famed Italian deli owners mused about their businesses, the younger generation coming up, and how to be a smart Italian deli shopper.
Italian deli is one of [...]

Recently Shuttered Upper West Side Bruno Ravioli To Migrate to Upper East Side

When Bruno Ravioli closed its Upper West Side store on for good Sept. 25 it was a sad day for neighborhood pasta lovers. But the Upper West Side’s loss will soon be the Upper East Side’s gain. Bruno will be opening a new uptown shop at Madison and 98th Street, according to company owner Jim [...]

New Cookbook Featuring 30 Minute Pastas Debuts

For home cooks of a certain age, there was Julia Child for traditional French cuisine. And for preparing classic Italian dishes, there was Marcella Hazan, author of Essentials of Classic Italian Cooking.
Carrying on the family business, Marcella’s son, Giuliano Hazan, a chef and teacher in his own right, has just issued his latest cookbook, Thirty [...]

Brooklyn: French Cuisine, Oui! Brooklyn Cuisine, No!

The French are madly debating whether their iconic cuisine should be enshrined as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, according to a story in yesterday’s Times. It seems that there’s concern that traditional French foods and agricultural methods are disappearing. To my mind, any cuisine, even French food, needs to make it on it’s [...]