My New Book—Ice Cream: A Global History

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Passover: Chozen Ice Cream-A Lighter Finish to that Heavy Seder Meal

Photo: Laura B. Weiss Chozen Ice Cream, concocted by three New York women, with names and ingredients that tap into the shtetl/Jewish culinary tradition—from Matzoh Crunch to the newest flavor, Apples and Honey, is a great finish to your Seder meal. Let’s face it, Haroseth, pot roast and matzoh ball soup (hopefully, of the non-cannonball [...]

Passover Recipe: Easy Italian-Ashkenazi Matzoh Ball Soup

Passover Italian-Ashkenazi Chicken-Matza Ball Soup Italian matzoh ball soup?? This unusual recipe, combining the Sepharidic and Ashkenazi traditions—Italian and Ashkenazi Chicken-Matza Ball Soup—comes, says Chef Renee, from a wonderful cookbook called The Classic Cuisine of the Italian Jews, by Edda Servi Machlin, first published in 1981. Explains Chef Renee Marton: “The recipe is a combination [...]

In Time for Your Passover Seder: Rabbi Mints Sold on Upper West Side

What does it take for a Rabbi and an ad man and an entrepreneur to create a new product? Ad man Richard Kirshenbaum, entrepreneur David Mitchell and Rabbi Adam Mintz (get it???) of Congregation Rayim Ahuvim in New York City launched kosher Rabbi Mints March 21 just in time for the Passover season with its [...]

Triangle Factory Fire Anniversary: My Grandmother Survived to Become the World’s Worst Cook

Family legend has it that my grandmother, Fannie Chapkowitz Binnenbaum, survived the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire. She is said to have jumped into a fireman’s net and walked home where her mother, unaware of the tragedy, brusquely ordered her back to work. Later, Fanny went into the bootlegging  business. In the back of her candy [...]

Where to Find Hamantaschen for Purim on the Upper West Side and Elsewhere

Purim or no Purim, hamantaschen are a bore. The traditional Jewish pastry is typically dry and flavorless—regardless of who bakes them—on the Upper West Side or elsewhere in New York. Yesterday, however, I became a partial convert at the Second Avenue Deli on 33rd between Lexington Ave. and Third. Their selection—prune, apricot, poppy seed, chocolate—was [...]