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Dan Barber Talks About NYC’s Local Food Movement April 21

Somehow the whole notion of locally grown seems a little precious these days.  After all, if you’ve lost your job, then price as opposed to provenance may loom as the main consideration.  On the other hand, with one food scare after another, it’s undoubtedly worth a few extra bucks to know where your food comes [...]

Easter Menus Abound at NYC Restaurants

If you’d like to spend Easter Sunday hunting for Easter eggs or strolling down Fifth Avenue decked out in your finest, then dining out may be preferable to slaving over a hot stove at home.
Open Table has compiled a list of restaurants with Easter menus.
On the Upper West Side, the eateries include Rosa Mexicano, [...]

NYC Restaurants Showcase Offerings at Choice Food Event

In these recession-weary times, the prospect of eating all you want from a collection of top flight restaurants for the all-inclusive price of $35 must be impossible to pass up.
Maybe that explains why close to 2,000 people were willing to jam themselves into the 69th Armory at 26th and Lexington on Tuesday for the Village [...]

Update: Whole Foods at Columbus and 97th to Open in August

The word from a Whole Foods rep is that the new Upper West Side store at 97th and Columbus will be throwing open its doors in August.
For all you Whole Foods hopefuls out there, the rep promised that that date is absolutely, positively firm.
For more information, visit the Whole Foods site.

Get Great Bacon in the East Village

It’s a schlep if you live on the Upper West Side, but the bacon at East Market Village & Deli is just as good-maybe better-than what you’ll find at the Greenmarket.  And it’s comparably priced as well.
This  bacon comes sliced thin.  It fries up nicely with a slightly nutty flavor.
What’s more, it’s fun to step [...]

Alice Tully Hall Offers Sunny Place for a Snack

The renovated Alice Tully Hall, located on Broadway at Lincoln Center, was recently unveiled.  For years, Lincoln Center has sat back from Broadway, a bit aloof and distant from the neighborhood it inhabits.  But the newly refurbished glassed-in Alice Tully Hall actually seems to reach out to the street and embrace it.
Of course, the main [...]

Passover is Coming-Dine In or Out?

When it comes to where I tuck into my bowl of matzoh ball soup on Passover, I have no choice.  Every year, I dine with a gaggle of relatives at our family’s annual Long Island Seder where traditional foods like brisket and kugel are the order of the day.
But you don’t have to stick with [...]

The First Annual NYC Chowder Slam is Set for March 21

The First Annual NYC Chowder Slam is being held at Jimmy’s No. 43 in the East Village.  I have never had a good chowder in New York, but maybe these particular soups  will rise to the occasion.   And, it’s all for a good cause-to support New Amsterdam Market, which is trying to get enough funds [...]

East Side Butcher to Move to Upper West Side

Schatzie’s Prime Meats, a butcher that’s been located at 88th and Madison for 30 years, is moving to the Upper West Side.   The new location is 87th and Amsterdam.
Why the move across the Park?  “I want to get closer to California,” joked butcher Schatzie, the owner of the longtime Madison Avenue meat market, who added [...]

Upper West Side Fatty Crab Finally Opens

According to The New York Times, the plywood is finally coming down March 4th when the Upper West Side outpost of West Village eatery,  Fatty Crab, opens up for business .  I can’t wait to tuck into one of their pork belly sandwiches.  Best of all, they’ll take reservations at the new place, located at [...]