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East Side, West Side: Which Has Better Bagels?

Which New York neighborhood can lay claim to  the best bagels?
There are East Siders who say Ess-a-Bagel on Third Ave and 52nd St (also on 21st Street at Third) produces the best bagels in the city.  West Siders insist that Absolute Bagels on Broadway at 107th St has no equal.  Some swear by H & [...]

Upper West Side: Community Food and Juice Means You Don’t Have to Go Downtown for Brunch Any More

Every time I pass Community Food and Juice, the new Morningside Heights outpost by the folks who brought you the Clinton Street Baking Company on the Lower East Side, there’s a long line outside. Maybe that’s because Columbia students are sick of all the old standbys. Or, may that’s because the food is good.
I’m happy [...]

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