My New Book—Ice Cream: A Global History

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Is the New York Pizza Slice Dead? Find a Fine One at Penn Station

Is the classic New York pizza slice being pushed aside by gourmet pies? That’s what Newsweek reports in a recent article. New York Magazine disagrees, and so do I. As proof, I give you the humble slice that can be had from Rose’s Pizza, a narrow, bustling joint located along the cavernous Long Island Railroad [...]

NY Outdoor Dining: New Bar/Lounge Opens in Palace Hotel

I stopped by the Palace Gate last week, the new 75-seat outdoor spot that’s been set up in the courtyard of New York’s Palace Hotel on Madison Avenue. The Palace Hotel has outfitted the space as a lounge/cafe offering up cocktails and small bites. I’m sure it’s a lovely spot for a drink and a [...]

New York City Outdoor Dining Options Abound

A few days ago, I listed some Upper West Side spots where you can eat outdoors in the warm weather months.  Elsewhere around New York, sidewalk cafes and garden terraces also abound.  Here are a few choices: What are your favorite outdoor dining spots? Alto 11 East 53rd Street , 212-308-1099 This is the first [...]

Midtown: Our Place Shanghai Tea Garden

You would think you’d get the food you deserve in a midtown Chinese restaurant with chow mein on the menu. And if you stopped with the steamed vegetable dumplings you’d be right to give a hearty thumbs down to Our Place Shanghai Tea Garden. The dumplings were chewy and doughy, like rubber bands, with about [...]

Theater District: Molyvos

Molyvos starts with a handicap—my strong bias against midtown, theater district restaurants. But Molyvos was a pleasant surprise. The food doesn’t dazzle, but it’s entirely possible to have an enjoyable meal at this Greek eatery. Things didn’t begin well. When we arrived at the restaurant, they failed to find our reservation. Ultimately, it was all [...]