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Just in Time for Passover: The Gefilte Fish Chronicles

If you’ve never seen the Gefilte Fish Chronicles, the story of the Dubroff sisters’ annual Passover gefilte fish-making marathon, you’re not properly prepped for Passover.
Even if you hate gefilte fish, this video is not to be missed. You’ll be introduced to the intricacies of making homemade fish and other Passover staples, like cholent. And, [...]

Passover: Can Restaurants Take the Place of Home?

The Times today featured a story about how the number of restaurants offering seders is mushrooming. Some don’t get it right. They serve rugelach, which because they’re made with wheat, are a definite no-no.
I’m not so appalled by what seems to be a mini-trend. Maybe that’s because for years my family has [...]

Just in Time for Passover: A New Cookbook

Just in time for Passover, Jewish Holiday Cooking: A Food Lover’s Classics and Improvisations, published by John Wiley, offers fresh takes on traditional holiday fare. Here’s what author Jayne Cohen has to say about the inspiration behind the book:

Its story began years ago when my father put two freshly [...]

Passover: An All Chocolate Seder

So, let’s ask it again. Why is this night different from all other nights? Well, I guess it’s because the seder has now gone all-chocolate. Could Moses and the gang have survived for 40 years in the desert on chocolate truffles? What if the children of Israel had had to discern [...]

Passover Food: Memories Abound

Passover is coming. Last year, I wrote a story for the Daily News on Passover food memories. The story focused on Passover candy, those confections -jelly slices, for example- that you either love…or hate.
Sweet Passover Memories
At the Joyva candy company in Brooklyn, the intense aroma of melting chocolate and fruit flavoring hang over the [...]

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