My New Book—Ice Cream: A Global History

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Upper West Side: New Deli Opens on Broadway and 97th Street

In most neighborhoods of New York, the opening of a standard issue deli—the kind dishing up generic paninis and salads—would barely merit a comment. But on the services-starved area of the Upper West Side that stretches above 96th Street, the opening of Green Cafe on Broadway between 97th and 98th streets was cause for some [...]

Upper West Side: Edgar’s Cafe Opens Up a Second Location on Amsterdam

Neighborhood stalwart Edgar’s Cafe has opened a second location between 91st and 92nd streets on Amsterdam Ave. The original locale on W. 84th Street was named after writer Edgar Allen Poe, who once resided at that address. The new Edgar’s has none of the funky atmosphere of the original; it looks like any other NY [...]

Events: Marshmallow Fluff Gets the Scholarly Treatment

What were your favorite childhood foods? Mine were: Peanut butter and jelly Cheesecake Pizza Even as a kid, I didn’t have much of a sweet tooth. Candy? I could take it or leave it. But apparently lots of folks have fond memories of Marshmallow Fluff. You can learn about the sticky sweet, a favorite among [...]

Unsung Salumi is Ordinary

A few weeks ago, we took the advice of Ed Levine, founder of Serious Eats, and traveled to Chelsea to taste the goods at Sumeria Biellese.  “Unsung Salami” is how Levine titled his piece describing the shop for Edible Manhattan. Maybe we ordered wrong, but the salami heroes in this place should remain undiscovered.  They [...]

East Village: Porchetta for Fabulous Pork Sandwiches

When you walk into Porchetta, the diminutive sandwich shop on E. 7th street, you instantly know what the place is all about. Front and center looms a glass case displaying glistening slabs of just-roasted pork loin that’s been rubbed with fennel pollen imported from Italy. With subway tile on the walls and a simple counter [...]