Chock Full o’Nuts To Bring Back Nutted Cheese Sandwiches

New Yorkers love their sandwiches. There are fans of pastrami on rye. There’s the ban minh crowd.  Subs bursting with cold cuts have their partisans, too.


Photo: Chock

But, the best sandwich of all, hands down, is the Chock Full o’ Nuts “nutted” cheese sandwich. Sadly, this little snack disappeared when in the 1970s, the company decided to close down its coffee shops and focus on beverages instead.

But, happy day! Chock Full o’ Nuts has just announced that it will be opening a full service restaurant in the space on 23rd Street recently occupied by the Comfort Diner, according to a report from Crain’s New York Business. Why am I excited? The restaurant chain will be bringing back its divine cream cheese and nut sandwich.

Back in the day, Chock full o’ Nuts was where you’d go for lunch with your mother after a back to school shopping trip.You’d perch on a stool at the counter. And if your mother was like my mother, there was only one thing she’d suggest that you order—that divine nuts and cheese sandwich. It’s two pieces of raisin bread enclosing a mixture of cream cheese and chopped nuts.  Yum!

There’s no announcement yet of when exactly the resurrected eatery will open. When it does, I’ll be first in line.

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