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Ice Cream Sandwich Cookbook Gets Summer Off to A Frosty Start

Photo: Muy Yum via Flickr.

By Laura B. Weiss

Of all the ice cream treats out there, ice cream sandwiches are my favorite. I only touched on them in my book, Ice Cream: A Global History, but Jennie Schacht the Bay Area cookbook author, gives the iconic treat its due in her new book, I Scream Sandwich!.

Lavishly (and deliciously) illustrated with color photos, Ice Cream Sandwich! is chock full of recipes I can’t wait to try. Two that top my list are the Better-Than-It, patterned after the San Francisco-based It’s-It company’s classic ice cream sandwich. In Schacht’s rendition, that means two oatmeal cookies dipped in chocolate, sandwiching vanilla bean frozen custard. The other is Good ‘n Nutty, toasted almond ice cream on Almond wafers. It just so happens that the Good Humor toasted almond bar was one of my childhood favorites.

For those with fear of ice-cream making, Schacht suggests that in many recipes you can substitute store-bought brands for making your own. Plus, her reassuring tone (you can’t mess these up!) and copious step-by-step instructions mean even the baking-averse can try these recipes.

2 comments to Ice Cream Sandwich Cookbook Gets Summer Off to A Frosty Start

  • Thanks, Laura — I think our two ice cream books are a pretty sweet pair. I share your passion for the Good Humor toasted almond bar-also a favorite for me, and the inspiration for my Good ‘n Nutty sandwich!

  • Laura Weiss

    Can’t wait to make it. It sounds sooooo scrumptious.

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