My New Book—Ice Cream: A Global History

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Sneak Peak: Key West Diner on Upper West Side Dropping Tropical Look; New Name Needed

The Key West Diner on Broadway on the Upper West Side is dropping its distinctive tropical look and renovating, Reopening of the 108-seat capacity neighborhood icon is scheduled for November. The diner’s management is inviting customers to suggest a new name for the redesigned eatery.

Upper West Side Restaurants: Falafel, Druze Restaurants Turn Neighborhood Into a Middle Eastern Mecca

If you want falafel or maybe something more exotic from the Middle East, the Upper West Side is sprouting an array of joints to help you sample cuisines from around the region. Soom Soom, which opened recently on 72nd Street just east of Broadway is a falafel lovers delight. The golden orbs are perfectly fried, [...]

Upper West Side: Truffle Store Comes to the Neighborhood

Truffles?  What ever happened to lox as the delicacy of choice on the Upper West Side? The neighborhood is going ever more upscale with the opening of Urbani Truffles on West End Avenue at 60th Street. The shop is slated to open sometime in September, says  Vittorio Giordano, Urbani’s VP. Truffles, of course, come from [...]

Upper West Side: Cupcake Cafe Crumbs Moves into Shiny New Digs on Amsterdam Ave.

Not able to resist an apparently unstoppable trend, New Yorker’s continue to wolf down cupcakes. In fact,the Upper West Side branch of Crumbs has moved into shiny new digs.  And the chain is expanding nationwide. In a recent story, the Wall Street Journal, wrote about New Yorkers’ obsession with the little frosted cakes.  Personally, I [...]

Upper West Side: Recipe Roasts Pig in Alley and Neighbors Squeal

Pig Roasting on a spit in the alley behind your building?  Sound appealing…or ghastly?  Recipe, the New American restaurant at 452 Amsterdam Avenue off of 82nd Street, held a first anniversary celebration for its staff this week—and roasted a pig out back, a manager at the restaurant confirmed to the Westside Independent. But residents apparently squealed. The smell and [...]