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Best Birthday Cake in NY Area? Greenport’s Butta’ Cakes Delivers Again

Birthday Cake from Butta' Cakes. Photo: Laura B. Weiss

I loathe birthday cake—too sweet, to sticky-icky. But Butta’ Cake’s birthday cake is a thing of joy—no matter what age you’re turning.

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For my hubby’s birthday, I ordered a chocolate cake with mocha icing. We’re big fans of the cupcakes from this small East End bakery located in Greenport, LI, but I wasn’t sure their baker could pull off a standard size cake.

What made this birthday cake so outstanding?

The icing: Not too sweet, but sinfully rich. And they must apply it with a fire hose. If you’re an icing freak, this is the birthday cake for you.

The cake: Usually, the cake layers in your run of the mill birthday cake are too dry and/or cloyingly sweet. Butta Cakes’ devil’s food layers are deeply chocolaty and moist.

They’ll do just about any frosting/cake combo you want. These birthday cakes are worth the trip. In fact, why not order one, then stop at on of the North Fork’s wineries for a little vino to top off your celebration?

What are your favorite bakeries for purchasing birthday cakes?

Butta’ Cakes
119 Main St.
Greenport, NY
631 477-6666
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