My New Book—Ice Cream: A Global History

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Food Shoppers Flock to Dollar Stores in NY and Elsewhere

On the Upper West Side and elsewhere in New York City, dollar stores abound.  A new study by Nielsen has found that wealthier shoppers are spending more at these budget outlets than ever before-and some of that spending is going toward foods like candies, cookies and snacks. In fact, higher income folks are shelling out 18 percent more [...]

Passover is Coming-Dine In or Out?

When it comes to where I tuck into my bowl of matzoh ball soup on Passover, I have no choice.  Every year, I dine with a gaggle of relatives at our family’s annual Long Island Seder where traditional foods like brisket and kugel are the order of the day. But you don’t have to stick [...]

Whole Foods @ 98th and Columbus is Still on Target to Open Late Summer/Early Fall

Update:  The new Whole Foods will open Aug. 27. There’s considerable angst concerning the planned opening of Whole Foods at 97th and Columbus. Many are fearful that the store won’t actually throw open its doors to eager neighborhood food shoppers. It appears, at least for now, everyone can relax a bit. Here’s what the company’s [...]

Fairway’s Elevator

It must have been a slow news day yesterday.  The Times did a story on Fairway’s elevator.  For non-New Yorkers, shopping at Fairway is one of those experiences that could only exist in Gotham.  For example, no one living outside of the city would put with the store’s creaking elevator, which slowly transports shoppers- crammed [...]