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Upper West Side: Trader Joe’s Opening, Week 3

I looked around the shiny new Trader Joe’s on 72nd and Broadway. It’s the usual Trader Joe’s stuff, but wonder of wonders, it wasn’t jam packed. Nice wide aisles too. On the grocery-store-obsessed Upper West Side, as we all know, the opening of the new Trader Joe’s appears to rank above the launch of a [...]

Trader Joe’s Upper West Side Taking Job Applications

Here’s a photo that offers living proof that Trader Joe’s will almost certainly be opening soon. Want a job? They’re taking employment applications in a loading area on 72nd Street, or at least they were a couple of days ago. For more Trader Joe’s Coverage, click here.

Upper West Side: Fairway’s Steve Jenkins Takes on Trader Joe’s Threat

The Upper West Side’s supermarket wars are heating up. With Trader Joe’s scheduled  to move next year into a location at Broadway and 72nd Street, you would expect Fairway, the neighborhood’s iconic specialty grocer perched two blocks north at 74th Street, to be feeling the heat. But Fairway’s longtime cheesemonger, Steve Jenkins, says he isn’t [...]

Upper West Side: Trader Joe’s to Open at 72nd and Broadway in 2010

Trader Joe’s says it will open a store at Broadway and 72nd Street sometime in 2010, according to a story reported in the Westside Independent.  Previously, a store official had told Food and Things that a TJ’s would not open on the Upper West Side, but Alison Mochizuki, a Trader Joe’s spokesperson, now says the [...]

Upper West Side: New Trader Joe’s Store in Doubt (Updated)

Update: Nov. 25, 2009:  Trader Joe’s says they will open a store at 72nd Street and Broadway in 2010.  Fairway’s Steve Jenkins comments on TJ’s  planned opening. Update, Sept. 4, 2009:   Trader Joe’s confirmed in an e-mail to the West Side Indepdent that the eagerly awaited TJs at the corner of Broadway and 72nd Street [...]