My New Book—Ice Cream: A Global History

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Great Hamburger Recipe: For July 4th Grilling or Any Time this Summer

A Great Hamburger Recipe by Chef Renee Here’s a recipe for a hamburger that will wow your friends and family this July 4th and throughout the summer. Use grass fed beef for its deeper, richer flavor, but conventional beef works well too. The secret? A disc of butter slid into the middle of the patty [...]

Recipe: Watermelon Cocktail and Feta Popcorn for July 4th

What could be more refreshing on July 4th than Chef Renee Marton’s Watermelon Wave Cocktail? Its red-tinged coloration sports a true patriotic blush! Pair this drink with Renee’s Feta-shized Popcorn-derived from the now-classic salad combo of feta cheese and watermelon cubes-and you’ve got yourself some culinary fireworks to impress your guests with. Watermelon Wave Cocktail [...]