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Oscar Night Cocktail and Snack: Blushing Campari and Kale Chips

The Oscars are coming! Chances are you’ll be hosting a party Feb. 27 or going to one. A pot luck may be part of the plan. So, whether you’re rooting for Black Swan or The Social Network, you’ll surely want a drink and snack close at hand.
Chef Renee suggests the following:
Oscar Party Drink and Snack: [...]

How To Keep Your Holiday Party Bed Bug Free

Bed bug canapes, anyone?
So pervasive have bed bugs become that now we have to worry about them invading our holiday parties, or so reports Teri Karush Rogers of BrickUnderground, a site that advices apartment dwellers on everything from how much to tip the doorman to, well, the bed bug scourge.
Here’s an excerpt from the BrickUnderground [...]