My New Book—Ice Cream: A Global History

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Kosher Thanksgiving Class at Le Marais Slated for Nov.10

Kosher brasserie Le Marais will be hosting a class tomorrow on how to prepare a kosher Thanksgiving meal. Le Marais, 150 W. 46th St. 212 869 0900. (Via The Food Section)

Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe Part II: From the Oven to the Table

OK, now it’s T-day and you’re ready to cook your turkey. Really, Thanksgiving Day doesn’t have to be Stress Central.  Follow Chef Renee’s step-by-step directions for turkey-making and both you and your bird will come out just fine. Click here for Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe Part I: Double the Pleasure with Two Birds Roasting the Turkey [...]

Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe Part I: Double the Pleasure with Two Birds

You could spend Thanksgiving morning wrestling with one gargantuan turkey. Or you could do what Upper West Sider Chef Renee Marton does and opt for roasting two, more petite birds. If that sounds like twice the work, it’s not.  And when the turkey comes to the table and your guests are done oohing and aahing [...]

Recipe: Roasted Autumn Vegetables for Thanksgiving

Who wants to eat the same old green beans for Thanksgiving? Whether you’re a Thanksgiving traditionalist or trend setter, Chef Renee Marton’s Roasted Autumn Vegetables are sure to please everyone sitting around your holiday table. Roasted Autumn Vegetables Chef Renee Marton While I love Thanksgiving traditions, I also enjoy trying out new recipe ideas and [...]

The Best Corn Bread Ever-for Stuffing or Just Plain Eating

If you like your cornbread smooth and unruffled, then this recipe is not for you. But if you prefer a little crunchy pizazz enlivening each bite, then this sumptuous preparation will make you swoon with pleasure. Folded into the batter are pine nuts as well as whole kernels of corn. (If fresh corn isn’t in [...]