Vermont: Leaves and Happy Chickens

My hubby was dying to see the autumn foliage. Since I have a brother to visit in the Green Mountain State, we figured we’d pop up to Vermont and do the leaf peeper thing. What we didn’t count on was 85 degree weather. It’s been so warm here that the leaves barely sport even a tiny bit of color.

Still, we pumped up the AC in the car to high and went searching for the elusive leaves. We found a few yellow and red clumps near Rutland. Better yet, we found WAAWWE Farm in Chester. A sign said: “farm market,” so we turned down a dirt road, past some happy looking cows munching on grass and pulled up to a barn. There, a guy was selling yummy unfiltered apple cider. In the bar and outside in the barnyard was a squad of pecking, squawking chickens, free-range, that’s for sure.

Inside the barn, a woman was selling intensely buttery cheese made form the milk of those happy cows I saw out in the pasture. There was also honey from the farm’s hives (we watched two guys in space suits taking apart the hive to harvest the honey), jams, quail eggs, and if you get there early enough, eggs from the chickens.

How happy are they? “The girls are very happy and they can’t wait to see me every morning,” insisted the woman selling us the farm fare, which also included the sweetest raspberries I’ve ever eaten. “When I drive up in the morning, they all come running. They know the sound of my car.”

Now those are chickens whose eggs are worth getting up early for.

157 Thompson Road
Chester, VT
802 875 6576
Open daily 8 am-6pm except Wednesdays

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